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AI image recognition for excretion

LuluPet has a built-in camera that can record when cats use the litter box, their behaviours, location where they use and taking photos.

The images are sent back to the cloud. Urinary tract problem cannot be identified by normal smart cat litter boxes, but through AI image recognition, can be identified by LuluPet cat litter boxes. No matter feces or urine can be record completely in our system.(Left: urine recognition, right: feces recognition)

Excrement classification

LuluPet can distinguish seven types of stool. The excrement classification uses the Bristol Stool Scale.

LuLuPet AI imaging technology has the function of "comparison of image restoration", so it can automatically remove the cat litter that covers the stool, restore the excrement image, and complete the identification. If there is an unrecognizable condition, it will stored as a video when cats use litter boxes for owners to review and judge.


Accurate to 2.5 gram

LuluPet AI smart cat litter box is equipped with a medical force sensor which can accurately monitor the cat's stool, urine, and weight. The chip of weight measurement can be precise to 2.5 grams. You can instantly detect abnormalities situation through the long-term graph.

After cleaning and replacing a new cat litter each time, LuluPet will re-record the weight and distribution of the new cat litter through the timeline and weighing. Even if the cat litter is changed frequently, there is no need to worry about affecting the data. Using different kinds of cat litter will also not cause data problems.

Multi-cat identification without wearing a collar

​LuluPet can recognize cats by face, hair, weight and other data. Even they don’t wear collars, LuluPet still can know them.

In addition to identifying the look and color of the cat through image recognition, it also combines the weight difference to make multiple cat judgments. Therefore, as long as the cat's weight difference is more than 50 grams, it can be distinguished.

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