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How long does the warranty last? What’s the term for your warranty?

1-year product warranty. Valid from date of initial retail purchase. Please save your receipt and file it with your warranty.

LuluPet will provide repair service for consumables or parts due to their natural wear and tear under 1-year warranty. We do not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. Additional repairing requirement and replacements may cause additional repairing fee.

Is the product AC powered? Or does it run on batteries?

Currently, LuluPet’s smart litter box is AC powered, you need to plug in the power cord to get things started. However, our wireless version is on the way, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

Is it okay if I clean the litter box by hosing it down? Is it going to break the electronic parts?

Our built-in electronic parts were safely stored in the L-shaped compartment located at the bottom and rare end of the litter box. So it’s okay to hose down the white part of the main box part. As for our electronic device, they are design to be water-repellent, so take a soaked clothe and gently pet them clean instead of putting them under the hose.

With all the high-tech devices, is the litter box going to a lot of noise and scare my cat?

None of our weight sensor, camera, infrared sensor and fill light will make a sound when plugged in. We can guarantee that your cat is going to have a peaceful toilet break.

Is it a live stream camera in the litter box?

Currently LuluPet uses infrared sensor to track down the time of the cats entering/leaving the box, making sure our readings does not interfered with other situation such as owner cleaning the litter box. Therefore, our camera does not support live stream. Instead, we give owners push notification to let them know when your cat has answered their nature’s call, we will then provide time-lapse videos for the owner to monitor how their cats are doing in the pan. 

I am not quite sure with the results LuluPet provides. What if the litter box says my cat is ill, and the vet says something different? 

Our team works closely with several animal hospitals to create this product. The veterinarian's criteria for judging the cat's physical condition are coded into the cloud system, and after long-term recording of a particular cat, a cat-specific database will be established for cross-comparison, and the accuracy of the test results to determine abnormalities is over 95%. LuluPet’s AI litter box is created mainly to help with detecting “abnormality” so that cat owners can watch over the health condition of their cat. We do not see ourselves as someone to replace a vet’s position. Aside from being sick, cats can also show abnormality when facing environmental and dietary changes. LuluPet is here to help owners observe and take care of cats during the time of change. For example, by comparing the amount the urine with the data gathered before, we will be able to know the difference of your cat’s urination. LuluPet will then send out notification to owners and remind them to pay attention to the amount of water your drink, supply them additional wet food in order to get your kitty hydrated.

Does the litter box App also support multiple users?

Of course! Simply share your LuluPet account with friends and family members, and they will be able to log-in as well.

Do you have any special features that eliminates odor?

We will be launching an odor-free add-on part very soon.

If you are concerned that closed litter box may trap the odor instead, we do have opening above thanks to the double-door design! Owners can choose whether to use the upper lid or simply remove them to transform into an open litter box. We are proud to say that none of these changes will affect our readings and their accuracy! 

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