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World's First Excretory Recognition System

LuluPet’s Litter Box is able to analyze and recognize different types of kitty feces by the images recorded on the built-in camera, infrared sensor, and AI chip.

The traditional weight-based sensor has difficulty telling whether the pet has urinated or pooped, but with LuluPet’s Litter Box, we use multiple sensors to provide a better judgment.

Health Data Track

LuluPet’s Litter Box gives owners a complete record on your cats’ feces situation, body weight, and tracks count of the times your pet uses the box.

Aside from recording data, LuluPet will cross-refer the daily image of your cat’s feces to the data base, making sure your cat has a healthy bowel movement.

We also retrieve data so that we can analyze your cat’s daily toilet schedule, combining it with weights and other numbers so that we can provide the owner an intensive health monitoring system.

Real-Time Alert

LuluPet presents our unique App which combined “AI feces image recognition” and “health data calculation model for cats”. Simply enter your pet’s age, breed, lifestyles, and we will cross-analyze our database containing data from several thousands of cats around the world. By doing so, we will be able to monitor your cat’s health situation and push notification when detecting abnormalities, so you will never miss the crucial moment to take them to the vet.

Work with Amazon Alexa/ Google Home

Let us be the voice of your cat.

Attaching our litter box to a smart speaker, LuluPet is able to help your cat voice out their demand (as if they haven’t been demanding enough). No need for Dr.Dolittle to translate, LuluPet will be the new voice for your cat.

Multi-Cat Identification

LuluPet’s Litter Box has a built-in image analyzation system.

By memorizing faces, hairs and different recorded data of cats, LuluPet’s Litter Box is able to recognize different cats, then record their toilet schedule respectively without additional collars or attachments needed. Families with multiple cats can now sit back and relax without worrying about the whole “who’s poo is this” situation.

Just install the App and type in the name, fur color, breed, age, weight and other information of your cats, and let LuluPet do the rest for you!

Double-Door Design

LuluPet’s litter box has a double-door design including a front entry and a top exit.

The top exit is able to reduce fallen litter when cats finished their business and leaves the toilet. For kittens and senior cats who are unable to jump constantly, the front entry is an excellent choice. Easy to clean and friendly for cats, LuluPet got you all covered.

Drawer Design

Solve your problem of scooping by the drawer design, without additional assembling or dissembling. Cleaning litter box has never been easier!

Custom Design at your disposal

LuluPet developed parts that are easy to assemble in order to create unique litter boxes for each and every cat. Without affecting the main function of the litter box, owners are able to create what’s best for their cat. Whether it’s open litter box, semi-closed litter box, or closed litter box, owners can create the most suitable litter box for your kitty!

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