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with built-in AI feces image recognition
By collecting cats' health data, LuluPet is able to provide in-time notification when detecting abnormal behaviors and potty schedule. By integrating medical service, pet merchandise, and health data in our product, LuluPet provides long-term care for our beloved fur babies.

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As we all know,
cats have a tendency to hide their pain

Due to their natural instinct, cats can sometimes disguise their weakness. Even for the domestic cats who doesn’t have to worry about becoming prey. What you find in a kitty’s litter box correlates to its health. Using appearance as the only factor to determine if a cat is healthy may sometimes lead to a dire health risk for the cat.


LuluPet takes Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), cloud data analyzation and combined these smart features with our litter box. By connecting your litter box to the App on your phone, you can easily get a hold of your cat’s potty schedule.

By getting a clear view of cats;  health situations, owners will be able to know first-hand when their cats' are sick. The sooner owners find out about the abnormality, the faster they can take action to deal with cats health problems.


By providing data collected from LuluPet’s Litter Box, the vets can also get a clearer picture and quickly decided on the necessary treatment.


5 features

World's First Excretory Image Recognition System 

Health Data Tracking

Real-Time System

Work with Amazon Alexa/ Google Home


Multi-Cat Identification

LuluPet APP

With an intuitive designed App, owners can effortlessly check on your cats.


Our Litter Box featured a double-door design, drawer sand box and parts that comes on and off at your disposal. LuluPet’s special feature allows owners to create unique litter boxes suitable for each and every cats.

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