LuluPet’s team members are all crazy cat people. Our core team members are experts who worked at Qualcomm, Cisco, Facebook, and Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan. Some of us had lost our beloved cats because we did not foresee the illness harming our cats. Therefore, our innovative team based on kitty’s nature and comes up with IOT smart litter box after hours of discussion and brainstorming.

We are a group of passionate cat lovers who believed in innovation and hoped to create products that we can feel proud of.​

Our team dedicated all of our effort to build LuluPet, and our goal is to make fur babies our family for a lifetime.



An accident took away the life of my cat and made me determined to start researching preventive medicine for pets. With 12 years of experience as an electronic engineer in Cisco, I began to invest in LuluPet's software development and AI image recognition. Starting from assembling the cat litter box and lens for testing at home, the prototype of LuluPet was formed step by step. After 5 years of consulting with accelerators' consultant experts, I am glad that LuluPet finally won the gold award at the 2020 CES International Exhibition. This product is dedicated to all cat lovers like us!



I have loved animals since I was a child, and my Corgi has been with me for 18 years.
At first, I was not familiar with cats, but there are often stray cats in the backyard of my house, stopping at the back door and looking into the house. I started to feed them regularly. From the original 2~3 cats, they gradually gathered to more than 10 cats. I was very afraid of being scratched by the cat when I tried to touch them first time, but I found that cats are adorable. Cats often rubbed my feet and show their belly to me. I love cats since that.


Originally a dog lover, I took to the streets to promote animal protection, but let a cat come into my life and became a loyal cat lover ever since.

In order to bring the best life to cats, with a scientific attitude cultivated from physics, I learned and studied cat-related knowledge, habits, and diet. I only hope that cats can live happily and healthy.



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